Sewer gas doesn’t just smell bad – it contains toxic chemicals that can cause serious health complications and even death. It’s essential to have trusted plumbing and leak detection services if you notice sewer gas leakage. Quick identification and responses save lives.
Here’s how to identify sewer gas leaks, their associated hazards, and who to call if you notice a leak.

How to Identify Sewer Odors

Some tell-tale signs of sewer gas leaks include:
  • Bad smells around the home (especially ammonia or sulfur, which smells like rotten eggs)
  • Gurgling toilets
  • Slow-draining sinks
However, proper diagnosis calls for assistance from a professional. If you have any suspicion of a gas leak, you should contact a professional immediately to perform diagnostics and address the problem.

Causes of Sewer Gas Leaks

  • Bad connections. This is when two plumbing pipes are only loosely connected. Fumes escape from the gap in the connection and can seep through walls into your home.
  • Worn/poor toilet seals. The seal around the base of your toilet protects against rising emissions from the sewers below.
  • Worn/poor sink drain seals. As with toilets, drains need to be properly sealed.
  • Pipes punctured by screws or nails. Putting nails or screws into your home’s walls can hit a pipe, causing a puncture. This is especially true with thin drywall.

Hazards Associated with Sewer Odors & Gas Leaks

  • Hydrogen sulfide poisoning. Hydrogen sulfide is a highly toxic gas that emits from human waste. Exposure causes dizziness and nausea, as well as inflammation around the eyes. Poisoning can be fatal.
  • Suffocation. A combination of gases can suffocate an individual, especially if the leak goes undiagnosed.
  • Fire and explosions. Some sewer gases are flammable or even explosive. Contact with matches or candles could trigger an explosion.

What to Do and Who to Contact

This lethal issue requires remediation from specialist plumber services and experts in detecting sewer odors.


For detection, we highly recommend Hydroscout. This company offers services across Florida, and Honey Bee Plumbing works closely with them to identify and fix leaks.
Call Hydroscout immediately at (877) 588-5325 if you notice sewer odors.


Honey Bee Plumbing specializes in repairing leaks and keeping you safe. We work closely with the specialists at Hydroscout to identify and address all leaks at your property.

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If you suspect sewer gas leaks, don’t hesitate. Contact Honey Bee Plumbing and Hydroscout to keep your loved ones safe and repair your home. Book your service now!
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