Sewer Drain & Water Line Repair & Installation

When plumbers install water lines, they have to make careful plans that help them avoid existing pipes, electrical lines, and other objects in and around homes. Water line and sewer drain repair services also require extensive planning.

Since it takes a professional plumber to perform water line repair, water line installation, and sewer drain repair services correctly, it makes sense for you to find an experienced person for your job. Hiring the wrong person could lead to mistakes that cost a lot of money to fix.

Sewer Drain Repairs

Sewer drains can get damaged by tree roots, structural defects, clogs, and surges from the city’s sewage system. The damage almost always happens deep underground, where homeowners and amateur plumbers can’t reach.

Professional sewage drain repair includes using technical equipment to diagnosis the damage, finding the easiest way to reach the damage, and replacing the damaged sewage line.
Honey Bee plumbers know the best ways to approach a variety of sewer drain problems. Whether a tree’s root is blocking your drain or an old pipe has collapsed, Honey Bee Plumbing’s employees will find the most effective way to repair your sewer drain.

Water Line Installation Services

Water line installation can take a lot of hard work and planning. The installation process often means digging up portions of your yard, so it’s important to find a professional that takes the job seriously. Otherwise, the plumber could damage your property during the water line installation.

Honey Bee Plumbing always uses the less intrusive installation methods for water lines. Depending on your property, plumbers may find ways to install water lines without digging a large hole in your yard.

Water Line Repairs

Before water line repairs can happen, plumbers need to know what has happened to the pipe. Honey Bee Plumbing uses the latest plumbing cameras to diagnose water line problems and determine how to repair them.

Without the right equipment and training, a plumber could do more damage to your pipes while diagnosing the issue.

Honey Bee Plumbing Guarantees Your Satisfaction

When you choose Honey Bee Plumbing, you always get a one-year warranty on parts and labor. If something breaks within a year, we’ll fix it for free.
We also offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to make sure every job meets your expectations.

Contact Honey Bee Plumbing today to get an estimate for your sewer drain repair, water line installation, or water line repair job.